Travel Bucket List – Take Me to the Grand Canyon

You would be hard pressed to find an American who has not been, and still does not want to go to the Grand Canyon. Located in Arizona, it is one of the marvels of our planet.

I would love to hike it, rim-to-rim. There are multiple ways to do it, some requiring permits or a lottery, but I’m not going to let that stop me. It is around a 25 mile hike, and I’m planning on taking two days to do it.

I want to do this because I always want to do something in the most intense way. I have no interest in going to the Grand Canyon, driving up to a lookout point, taking 70 pictures, and moving on to the next site. Okay honestly since I’ve never seen it, that does interest me a little bit. But the perfect way to do it would be hiking. With a bangin’ restaurant at the bottom. That sells gives free┬átacos. And ice cream. And pizza.

Bringing it back to the point, seeing something as massive as the Grand Canyon does not allow for a few overlooks. I need to immerse myself in it. I need to sit outside and look up at the stars. I need to feel the hot air on my skin. I need to smell what it smells like. I even need to taste the dirt. It’ll probably taste awful, but that’s how I know I’ve been there.

Sign me up to taste the dust. This looks too perfect not to.

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