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Travel Bucket List – Take Me Out to the Ball Game

One of my favorite sports, in fact one of the only sports I watch, is baseball. I never really liked timed sports, they felt pointless until the last few minutes, but baseball could change any inning. Or honestly, it could stay absolutely the same for 15 innings. Who knows? I love the suspense, the steps you have to take to score, the pressure each player feels.  And especially in person, that pressure and suspense is palpable. Which is why I want to see as many baseballs games as I can while traveling.

I had the privilege of going to a lot of games when I was growing up. I’ve seen games in Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Denver, but I still feel like there are so many more I need to visit. 25 of them to be exact.   I’m the type of person who always wanted to complete every achievement in video games, and that’s what this goal feels like to me. Call it “Bombarded with Baseball,” and all it takes is a trip to all 30 MLB stadiums across North America to unlock it.

Each stadium has a distinct personality, die-hard fans, and AH-mazing food. (I should note that I by no means mean “healthy” when I say amazing.) I’m looking forward to the smells of each stadium, especially the old ones. The smell always reminds me of a library. They don’t smell like books, but they do have that same nostalgic scent. Along with that personality, every stadium has special stadium food. I cannot wait to try the weird, but wonderful concoctions that food geniuses come up with. The fans, however, I don’t look forward to as much, but mostly because with the exception of one stadium I will cheering for the away team.

I should note, that when I went to those games as a kid, most of them were to watch the St. Louis Cardinals play. I’ve grown to be a fan, but as of late, the only games I’ve been to have been for spring training. The good news is that they play at my work, so I know a guy who gets me great seats, but honestly I miss real games. Spring training just ain’t the same. As a result, Busch Stadium is number one on my list. I’d really love to visit St. Louis in general, but that’s a post for another day.

My dad is going to be so proud of me!

Have any questions, or have you had a similar experience? Let me know!

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