The Hawaiian Islands are Calling

Ever since I was quite young, my Mom always wanted to go to Hawaii. Every single time the possibility of a vacation was brought up, CherBear would respond with the ever so hopeful “Hawaii?!” And every single time I’d respond with the ever so uninterested, “ugh, Australia? Europe? Anywhere but a beach?!”

I’m a restless person. The idea of having the same job for more than a couple years sounds like a nightmare, but even more stifling is the idea of traveling to an area that I’ve never been to, and reading books for two weeks, while getting skin cancer because I’m very pale and I have to reapply sunscreen every 20 minutes. And I usually forget. So I go home, red as a tomato, out of things to read  and I guarantee that I would have enough sand in my suitcase to build a sandcastle in my laundry room.

Aside from the reading, which I really can never get enough of, none of that sounds like an interesting trip to me. OH and I hate golf. So when you combine all those things, you get THE MOST HYPED TRIP FOR SUCH LITTLE FUN!!! And that’s what Hawaii always meant to me.

Recently however, I got to thinking about how many things you actually can do in Hawaii. Hiking is one of my favorite activities, and what better place to do it than a tropical island? I could hike volcanos, and mountains, and maybe even climb that crazy flight of stairs that you see all over social media.

I can snorkel, paddle board, kayak, maybe even surf. I look forward to biking, and taking boat rides. And a day at the beach might be okay every now and then. I’d love to stop at Disney’s Aulani Resort, just for a little taste of home. I’m excited for historical sites, learning about Native Hawaiian history and culture, as well as Pearl Harbor. I can picture island hopping, going to luaus, and drinking so many things with pineapple in them. And I’m positive CherBear would go with me. Take a look, it’s got to on your list too.

I mean, just look at this! (Photo by Ron Cogswell)

2 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Islands are Calling

  1. If ever I’ll get the chance to visit Hawai, I would love to hike as well. I would like to hike their mountains, volcanoes and that crazy flight of stairs too. Haha 😂😂 Hawaii is just one of my dream destinations. Thanks for sharing this I enjoyed reading your blog.

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