10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Visit Antarctica

Unlike just about everyone else on the continent, when I was in Antarctica I really didn’t know I wanted to be there. I accompanied my best friend there, but really it was only because she wanted to go. I was excited to see a new place, but Antarctica would have been pretty low on my bucket list.

It took about three days for me to realize how wrong I was. So if you’re feeling uninspired about Antarctica, let me tell you, you’re wrong too. Continue reading “10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Visit Antarctica”


What Makes an Antarctic Cruise Worth It?

One year ago I was sitting in the lounge on an Antarctic cruise, typing the following post out on my iPad. Since then, I’ve considered posting this at least fifty times. For some reason I was never quite able to do it. Probably because it feels so shallow. If you’re trying to plan a trip to Antarctica, there is nothing in this post to help you. On the other hand, everything written here is the exact reason that I tell almost everyone to go. It is a culmination of everything I was feeling, almost overwhelmingly so. There were nothing but positive feelings swirling around in my heart, and a year later I still feel the same way. Continue reading “What Makes an Antarctic Cruise Worth It?”