Visiting the Devil’s Pool: And why I would never go again.

How do I decide where I’m going to travel? Sometimes it is out of convenience, for instance I am traveling from Arizona to Florida next month because I have to go to weddings. (One of the perils of being in your late 20’s is that sometimes I feel like my entire life is planned around weddings.) Other times, it’s a goal trip. I went to Antarctica because my friend wanted to visit all seven continents, and that was the one she had left, so I went too. My travel plans are usually a bit more random when I am left to plan them myself. In August 2019 I went to Southern Africa, because I wanted to visit the Devil’s Pool, and then I planned the rest of the trip around that.

For those who don’t know, the Devil’s Pool is a small pool of water at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia. During the dry season, you can safely go swimming in the pool, right on the edge of one of the most spectacular water falls in the world. It is advertised as a thrilling experience, which allows the daredevils of the world have an experience that they can’t have anywhere else. AND I WAS EXCITED! Continue reading “Visiting the Devil’s Pool: And why I would never go again. “


A Complete Guide to Visiting Victoria Falls

Nestled in Southern Africa, one can find, what some may call, the world’s largest waterfall. It should be noted that it is neither the tallest nor the widest waterfall in the world. The average volume of water that flows over the falls over a year is not the most in the world either, but for some reason the title has stuck. “So,” you might ask, “why the heck should I hop on a plane, or several, (depending on where you’re coming from) if I’m not seeing ‘THE BEST’ waterfall in the world?” Continue reading “A Complete Guide to Visiting Victoria Falls”


Carlsbad Caverns National Park

For starters, Carlsbad Caverns is unlike any other national park I’ve been to. They’ve all been unique to the area that they’re located in, and because of that I’ve seen lots of tall mountains, and bountiful wildlife. But I’ve never before gone underground in a national park before.

In fact, aside from living in my basement every summer growing up, I’ve really never gone underground ANYWHERE before. But that was all about to change, and I was super excited about it.

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Arches National Park

I feel a bit strange writing about Arches National Park. This is another time where I certainly do not feel like an authority on a subject, because I have hardly dipped my toe into the vast opportunities of this park. I have no idea when their busy season is, I don’t know the best way to get a campsite, and I didn’t even complete my Junior Ranger book!

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A Guide to the Perfect Time in Zion National Park

Zion has more than four million visitors a year for a reason. It is an incredible park, with a ton of things to do, but it can also be sort of overwhelming trying to figure out what things can’t be missed and what things maybe shouldn’t be on your list if you’re pressed for time.

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7 Reasons To Visit Zion in the Winter

Are you thinking of visiting Zion National Park, but your free time falls during the slow season? You may have been looking at hotel prices, but you’re feeling unsure about booking when you realize they’re significantly lower than the average. What is it about the winter season makes Zion so affordable? Why is the town of Springdale expecting so few people?

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10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Visit Antarctica

Unlike just about everyone else on the continent, when I was in Antarctica I really didn’t know I wanted to be there. I accompanied my best friend there, but really it was only because she wanted to go. I was excited to see a new place, but Antarctica would have been pretty low on my bucket list.

It took about three days for me to realize how wrong I was. So if you’re feeling uninspired about Antarctica, let me tell you, you’re wrong too. Continue reading “10 Reasons Everyone Needs to Visit Antarctica”


What Makes an Antarctic Cruise Worth It?

One year ago I was sitting in the lounge on an Antarctic cruise, typing the following post out on my iPad. Since then, I’ve considered posting this at least fifty times. For some reason I was never quite able to do it. Probably because it feels so shallow. If you’re trying to plan a trip to Antarctica, there is nothing in this post to help you. On the other hand, everything written here is the exact reason that I tell almost everyone to go. It is a culmination of everything I was feeling, almost overwhelmingly so. There were nothing but positive feelings swirling around in my heart, and a year later I still feel the same way. Continue reading “What Makes an Antarctic Cruise Worth It?”

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Exploring Buenos Aires During The Summer

Ladies and gentleman, it gets hot during Bueno Aires Summers. The average temperatures aren’t that high, but something about this gorgeous city makes you feel like you’re constantly on the verge of melting. This isn’t meant to deter you. If you’re not a fan of the heat, that is no reason to avoid Buenos Aires. There are plenty of ways to stay cool when you find yourself touring Buenos Aires during the summer. Continue reading “Exploring Buenos Aires During The Summer”