Reading on the Road

Reading on the Road: A Gentleman in Moscow and The Blinds

Reading on the Road

Welcome to a brand new series on Dashin’ Ash. As a bibliophile, a lover of books, and a hodophile, a lover of travel, whenever I hit the road I have a book, or four, with me. I don’t always read all of them, but I cannot tolerate the idea of being on a plane with nothing left to read. If you relate to that, you’ll love this new series.  The books I write about will be random, with hardly any regard to when they were published, what genre they belong to, or the quality of writing. I can assure you however that every word I say about these books will be honest. Maybe you’ll find another book to add to your “to be read” bookshelf, or maybe you’ll be persuaded to remove one from you Amazon wish list, but either way I’ll do the legwork for you. So, without further ado, let me present the first edition of Reading on the Road. Continue reading “Reading on the Road: A Gentleman in Moscow and The Blinds”


Glacier Views and Scenic Cruising

During the last two days of our cruise, we spent the time scenic cruising. Hands down, the greatest thing a Princess Alaskan Cruise offers is access to Glacier Bay National Park. Only two cruise ships are permitted per day, along with only twenty-five other boats. If you have the time, I absolutely recommend visiting the actual park. For us, the days cruising were enough, even if they were just a taste. We spent an entire day cruising there, and then spent the next day cruising College Fjord. College Fjord is home to five glaciers that terminate in the water, and is a great experience as well.

Continue reading “Glacier Views and Scenic Cruising”

Travel · Van Life

Introducing the Van: Everyone Meet Marlowe

A surprising number of people have asked to see my van, and apparently telling them to google “Ford Transit” hasn’t been the answer they were looking for. I’ve only done some insignificant things, there’s not a lot to show you, unless you want to know how to bug bomb a van. I’m trying to listen to my followers however, so here is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done: A Van Photoshoot with my girl Marlowe! Continue reading “Introducing the Van: Everyone Meet Marlowe”

Travel · Trip review

Skagway – A Gold Rush History

Alright Dashin’ Ash community, I’m probably going to sound like a bit of a Debbie downer here. That’s not who I am, I don’t usually like to act that way, but the town of Skagway, Alaska just rubbed me the wrong way. It could have been that my expectations were too high. I wanted to walk amongst the historic buildings, ride along the historic White Pass Yukon Railway, and completely immerse myself in gold rush history. Everywhere in Alaska seems to have been affected by the 1898 gold rush, but Skagway most predominantly so, and I wanted to be a part of that! Continue reading “Skagway – A Gold Rush History”


A Cruise Stop in Juneau

I’m not going to lie, I researched Juneau before my trip. And I was nervous. I tried to learn some cool and interesting facts, but as best as I could determine, the city was full of tourist traps, glaciers that are absurdly expensive to visit, and a tram to give you a bird’s eye view. Leaving the ship, we saw signs for all the typical Alaska excursions, flightseeing, fishing, whale watching, bear wrestling… Continue reading “A Cruise Stop in Juneau”


An Adventure in the Amazon – My Stay at Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion

I have a confession to make. I like glamping. I love glamping way more than I like camping. That’s mostly because I love beds and I love showers. I can do without those two things, but if you’re going to give me those comforts combined with nature intensive but modern conveniences lacking aspects of real camping, then I’ll be a real happy camper.

And that right there is the reason I fell in love with Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion. Continue reading “An Adventure in the Amazon – My Stay at Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion”


The Secrets of Machu Picchu

The sun had just barely broken over the horizon as we found our seat amongst the other tourists on PeruRail. Outside the window there were mountains all around us. Strong mountains, made of stone. Somewhere out there I knew the Incan Trail was just starting. Maybe the hikers were too, and after a little bit I thought maybe the hikers further along in the trail were just waking up, ready to finish up their long trek. There was a river beside the train, blinding in the sun, flowing around large stones that matched the mountains behind. We were traveling in The Valley, The Sacred Valley of the Incas, headed toward the most well known Incan creation: Machu Picchu. Continue reading “The Secrets of Machu Picchu”


Incan Ruins – How Looking at the Past Inspires Your Future

I remember the first time I learned what UNESCO World Heritage sites were. It was somewhere around stair one billion and one in Sri Lanka’s Sigiria, and someone asked why we were torturing ourselves in that way. The response was, “it’s a World Herritage site.” And that was it. No more discussion necessary. After that arduous climb, I looked up the list on UNESCO’s site, and I learned that I had been to five of their locations before. Continue reading “Incan Ruins – How Looking at the Past Inspires Your Future”


So Are You, Like, Finding Yourself? 

The number of people who have addressed my plan of living out of a van in the past few weeks is incredible. Sure, I spam everyone I know trying to get my name out there, but the people who came to me in real life and addressed their concerns are amazing. These people actually care about my safety! But a lot of naysayers and supporters alike think that this choice is about the ever eternal search for “Finding Yourself.” But to me, that’s ridiculous. Continue reading “So Are You, Like, Finding Yourself? “