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What it’s Like to Go on Safari in Botswana

Did you know that for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s third date, he whisked her off to a safari camp in Botswana? Is that strictly a royal thing? Or are there people out there who will take ME to Botswana for our third date? (Honestly I’d accept it regardless of which number date we’re on.)

During my time in Botswana I certainly felt like royalty. Continue reading “What it’s Like to Go on Safari in Botswana”

Reading on the Road

Reading on the Road: Spooky Books for October

I have to start by admitting two things. The first is that I love the Halloween season. My favorite things are costumes, scares, candy, and all things spooky. The second thing is that I’m terrified of horror, gore, or even thrillers. Absolutely. Terrified. The two books I’m recommending this month fall into those categories. They are good any time of year, but there is no better time to read these two books than when the nights have gotten longer and the temperatures cooler. So curl up with a blanket because you’re definitely going to need something to make you feel safe. Continue reading “Reading on the Road: Spooky Books for October”

Reading on the Road

Reading on the Road: A Gentleman in Moscow and The Blinds

Reading on the Road

Welcome to a brand new series on Dashin’ Ash. As a bibliophile, a lover of books, and a hodophile, a lover of travel, whenever I hit the road I have a book, or four, with me. I don’t always read all of them, but I cannot tolerate the idea of being on a plane with nothing left to read. If you relate to that, you’ll love this new series.  The books I write about will be random, with hardly any regard to when they were published, what genre they belong to, or the quality of writing. I can assure you however that every word I say about these books will be honest. Maybe you’ll find another book to add to your “to be read” bookshelf, or maybe you’ll be persuaded to remove one from you Amazon wish list, but either way I’ll do the legwork for you. So, without further ado, let me present the first edition of Reading on the Road. Continue reading “Reading on the Road: A Gentleman in Moscow and The Blinds”