What Makes an Antarctic Cruise Worth It?

One year ago I was sitting in the lounge on an Antarctic cruise, typing the following post out on my iPad. Since then, I’ve considered posting this at least fifty times. For some reason I was never quite able to do it. Probably because it feels so shallow. If you’re trying to plan a trip to Antarctica, there is nothing in this post to help you. On the other hand, everything written here is the exact reason that I tell almost everyone to go. It is a culmination of everything I was feeling, almost overwhelmingly so. There were nothing but positive feelings swirling around in my heart, and a year later I still feel the same way. Continue reading “What Makes an Antarctic Cruise Worth It?”

Trip review

Exploring Buenos Aires During The Summer

Ladies and gentleman, it gets hot during Bueno Aires Summers. The average temperatures aren’t that high, but something about this gorgeous city makes you feel like you’re constantly on the verge of melting. This isn’t meant to deter you. If you’re not a fan of the heat, that is no reason to avoid Buenos Aires. There are plenty of ways to stay cool when you find yourself touring Buenos Aires during the summer. Continue reading “Exploring Buenos Aires During The Summer”


Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro: That Don’t Include Christ the Redeemer

In February 2018 I was lucky enough to embark on a month long trip with my best friend. We were ultimately making our way to Antarctica, but we made sure to casually make our way south. During our trip we visited Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Ushuaia, where we ultimately boarded our ship. Before I get too far ahead of myself, today we’re going to bring it back to things to do in Rio de Janeiro. Continue reading “Things To Do in Rio de Janeiro: That Don’t Include Christ the Redeemer”


Five Things to Look for in a Perfect Travel Buddy

Sitting at the airport in Puerto Maldonado, I looked up and saw five 20 something girls, sitting in a circle, reading books, checking their phones, or journaling. They all seemed extremely content, so I have to admit, I kept watching them. Each had backpacks. And not the cute kind. So they were definitely backpacking through Peru, and each also had hiking boots. Hiking the Inca Trail? Visiting one of the Amazon biology stations? Did they know each other before they got their horrendous capris and high socks tan lines, or were they brought together by a shared experience? Continue reading “Five Things to Look for in a Perfect Travel Buddy”

Trip review

Touring Buffalo’s Grain Silos with Explore Buffalo

I truly am so lucky that I have multiple opportunities to visit Buffalo, New York. I grew up there, and now I visit family multiple times a year. Each time I’m there I try to do something new and exciting, and I have never been hard pressed to find something that fits the bill. This is how I found myself stumbling upon Explore Buffalo’s grain silos tour. This non-profit is dedicated to educating it’s patrons on Buffalo history, architecture, and neighborhoods. Continue reading “Touring Buffalo’s Grain Silos with Explore Buffalo”


Experiencing Denali National Park

Most people don’t need to google, “What to see in Alaska,” to know that Denali National Park is one of the top rated attractions. In the event that you are one of the few people who haven’t realized that yet, I did the leg work for you. Denali is mentioned nine times on the front page of the aforementioned google search, and it was truly the highlight of my sixteen day Alaskan Adventure. Continue reading “Experiencing Denali National Park”

Reading on the Road

Reading on the Road: Spooky Books for October

I have to start by admitting two things. The first is that I love the Halloween season. My favorite things are costumes, scares, candy, and all things spooky. The second thing is that I’m terrified of horror, gore, or even thrillers. Absolutely. Terrified. The two books I’m recommending this month fall into those categories. They are good any time of year, but there is no better time to read these two books than when the nights have gotten longer and the temperatures cooler. So curl up with a blanket because you’re definitely going to need something to make you feel safe. Continue reading “Reading on the Road: Spooky Books for October”


Visiting Wrangell St. Elias National Park: The Home to McCarthy and Kennecott, Alaska

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

On our first official day on our own in the Alaskan wilderness I, quite ambitiously, planned a huge day. It involved driving the McCarthy Highway, twice, an adventurous activity, and exploring both the cool town of McCarty, and the Kennecott copper mill, all in the heart of Wrangell St. Elias National Park. Continue reading “Visiting Wrangell St. Elias National Park: The Home to McCarthy and Kennecott, Alaska”


Highways Across Alaska

If you’re planning on navigating the vast state of Alaska without a tour of any sort, buy The MILEPOST. This guide gives you incredibly thorough information for each turnabout, gas station, campsites, scenic overviews, animal habits, and berry picking. It even lists places where you can get cell service. Which is the other reason you should buy The Milepost. You probably won’t be able to rely on your cell phone’s GPS system, and this book doesn’t even need electricity! (If you’re going to try to argue that you need light to read it, try visiting Alaska during tourism season. If it’s dark, and you’re not where you need to be, you’re too lost for The Milepost to help you.) Continue reading “Highways Across Alaska”