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The Three Cities in Panama City

In January 2016 I was privileged to be able to travel to Panama with my family, as something related to the family owned business. We stayed in Panama City, but we also visited Casco Antiguo, which means the Second City, and the remains of the first European settlement on the Pacific coast, called Panama Viejo. Individually these places were memorable, but seeing these drastically different places side by side provided me with one of the most satisfying trips I’ve ever taken. Continue reading “The Three Cities in Panama City”

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Yellowknife in Review

Throughout my life I have never been one to set many goals. The bucket list I made when I was 10 years old included things such as “get a basketball scholarship to a good high school.” Which isn’t a thing, incase I fooled you. On that list of 100ish things, not one of them included a career goal. And every bucket list after that followed the same trend. Things became more achievable, because they actually exist, they’re still not very reasonable. See number 21, Visit the International Space Station. I contacted Space Adventures, and it costs 50 million USD to go. FIFTY FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS. But its still on my list. Continue reading “Yellowknife in Review”